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July: Burnt Lake Trail to Burnt Lake

I’ve posted about Burnt Lake Trail before. Only, I had forgotten. I’ve been really focused on my job these days, and, as a result, have not gone on many hikes yet this year. I was aiming to choose a hike I’d never done before, and one near Mt Hood, because this is the best time … Continue reading

May at Memaloose Hills

Memaloose Hills is a panorama of wildflower-covered rolling hills, just along the Columbia River near Mosier, OR. I visited this area Wednesday 7 May 2014. The balsamroot seemed past its prime. Despite that, they were still beautiful. There were plenty of other flowers, too. The lupine was quite spectacular. My favorite were the Bachelor’s Buttons. … Continue reading

Downtown Portland

Taken 11 June 2014. A quick shot of downtown Portland from eastside Hawthorne Bridge. This is one of my favorite views along my daily commute to the Japanese Garden. I’m so lucky! Seen in the foreground is a mannequin, which is part of the roof display for Portland Store Fixtures.

The flowers are in bloom at the Rhododendron Garden

On April 8th, it was a sunny day at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. I am officially a member of the Garden this year! I try not to post about the garden too much, but I get such cheerful images from it, I feel like it’s a common decency work of public good to share … Continue reading

17 March 2014 at Dry Creek Falls

This is a late post! That’s why this wren is hiding. He’s embarrassed of me. Well, back in March, I went to the Columbia Gorge for a hike, to a hike I’d never done before! Dry Creek Falls, accessible from Cascade Locks, exit 44 off I-84. It was a pleasant hike that I would definitely … Continue reading

Early March at Coyote Wall

Coyote Wall is one of my favorite places to hike in the Columbia Gorge. The area is also known as Catherine Creek. And there’s a connected area called Labyrinth. The parking area is near Hood River, and ducks abound this time of year in the shallow ponds. Some of the most prominent types include American … Continue reading

Sandy River Delta Excursion

On February 28, I made the trek out past Troutdale to the park at the Sandy River Delta. I see the park every time I drive to the Columbia River Gorge, and I’ve always thought it looked pretty, but there were often lots of dogs running about. I finally decided it was time to go … Continue reading

On Friday, February 21st 2014, I stopped work early and bike rode to Mt. Tabor to walk around and take pictures. I take the Lincoln street entrance, because it’s closer to my house. I still see it as the back entrance; the front entrance being off Belmont with a parking lot (see map here). It’s … Continue reading

Pleasant Rainy Visit to the Rhododendron Garden

It’s looking more and more like spring at the Rhododendron Garden. Portland has been catching up with our precipitation amounts. Today was quite rainy. The flowers are quite cheerful, and seem so happy with rain on them. And the ducks seemed quite happy, as well. The gadwalls were making a ducky noise that sounded like … Continue reading

Sunday Solitude at Aldrich Butte

Well, it was a Sunday in February, and the gloomy clouds covered the sky. What a perfect day for a trek out to the Gorge! No, really, it was a perfect hike day. Not too cold, not too hot. There had recently been a landslide in the Gorge on the Oregon side, and I-84 E … Continue reading