Pleasant Rainy Visit to the Rhododendron Garden

DSC_1380It’s looking more and more like spring at the Rhododendron Garden. Portland has been catching up with our precipitation amounts. Today was quite rainy.

DSC_1381The flowers are quite cheerful, and seem so happy with rain on them.

DSC_1383And the ducks seemed quite happy, as well.

DSC_1385The gadwalls were making a ducky noise that sounded like they were saying, “Rain. Rain. Rain.”

DSC_1386Okay, my Gull I.D. is horrific, but I’m going to say…Herring Gull??? Legs were definitely pink. Primaries were not deep black and not same color as back. Bill was medium-ish, bright yellow. Iris pale yellow. Any thoughts?

DSC_1390Another angle, different lighting.

DSC_1387Scaup party.

DSC_1389Erm. That’s a rained-on duck.

What a pleasant, rainy day at the Rhododendron Garden!


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