17 March 2014 at Dry Creek Falls

DSC_1581This is a late post! That’s why this wren is hiding. He’s embarrassed of me. Well, back in March, I went to the Columbia Gorge for a hike, to a hike I’d never done before! Dry Creek Falls, accessible from Cascade Locks, exit 44 off I-84. It was a pleasant hike that I would definitely do again.

DSC_1584Here is my best picture so far of a Varied Thrush! An exciting moment for me.

The hike had many birds chirping, some wildflowers, a view at the powerlines, and a great waterfall.

DSC_1636Some bright purple flowers near the freeway.

DSC_1616And a gorgeous trillium farther away from the freeway.

DSC_1611Here are the views from the powerlines. Not sure how someone got their car there!

DSC_1612If you squint, you can see a raptor flying against the far hill. What a breathtaking view.

DSC_1604And then you get to a creek with a bridge. I didn’t cross the bridge. Instead I turned right toward the falls.


DSC_1590And then there was a waterfall!

DSC_1588There used to be a purpose for these manmade items, but now they are being reclaimed by nature.





DSC_1600In short: a short hike with plentiful rewards…

DSC_1620…Like splashing in creeks!


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