July: Burnt Lake Trail to Burnt Lake

I’ve posted about Burnt Lake Trail before. Only, I had forgotten. I’ve been really focused on my job these days, and, as a result, have not gone on many hikes yet this year. I was aiming to choose a hike I’d never done before, and one near Mt Hood, because this is the best time … Continue reading

Christmas Day 2013

I got a zoom lens for my camera this Christmas. I am now able to take better pictures of Mount Hood and downtown Portland buildings. And ducks (but that comes in the next post!). I took a ride up Terwilliger on Christmas Day. It was a sunny day, and a great opportunity to try out … Continue reading

Mirror Lake

On 3 October, I took a hike at Mirror Lake near Mount Hood. It was a bit chilly, intensely foggy, but fairly uncrowded. The trail in great shape, up until Tom Dick and Harry Mountain trail, where it got smaller and quite rocky. Mirror Lake was tiny! I was expecting bigger, but it was very … Continue reading

Burnt Lake Trail to East Zigzag Summit

As it has been getting warmer, Alex and I decided it was time to hike at a higher elevation, hoping there would not be much snow. We chose to hike near Mount Hood, starting from the North Burnt Lake Trailhead, this past Saturday (22 June 2013). (This hike requires a Northwest Forest Pass). It was … Continue reading