The flowers are in bloom at the Rhododendron Garden

DSC_1725On April 8th, it was a sunny day at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. I am officially a member of the Garden this year! I try not to post about the garden too much, but I get such cheerful images from it, I feel like it’s a common decency work of public good to share them.

DSC_1726Some beautiful flowering tree wowed me, and I just had to photograph it.

DSC_1735The geese were on the move, thinking about landing. Look at that sky! You wouldn’t think it was April in Portland!

DSC_1736Rhododendrons abound at the Rhododendron Garden!! It’s true! I liked these candy stripe versions.

DSC_1740I loved the way the branches were growing out of this tree.


DSC_1750In your face red! Not something you would see at the Portland Japanese Garden! The color here is almost heart attack worthy!

DSC_1751These lemon colored magnolias were one of my favorites at the garden. Delicate, more subtle, and elegant.

DSC_1753A goose was sunning him/herself.

DSC_1755In-your-face purple!! POW!


DSC_1757This was my other favorite flower. I loved the brown underside of the leaves. It looked so great with the pink flowers and green leaf tops.

DSC_1760Thank you for browsing! Goodbye! says Mr. Mallard.

One Response to “The flowers are in bloom at the Rhododendron Garden”
  1. djunjunb says:

    いい季節ですね!It is a good season!

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