The flowers are in bloom at the Rhododendron Garden

On April 8th, it was a sunny day at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. I am officially a member of the Garden this year! I try not to post about the garden too much, but I get such cheerful images from it, I feel like it’s a common decency work of public good to share … Continue reading

On Friday, February 21st 2014, I stopped work early and bike rode to Mt. Tabor to walk around and take pictures. I take the Lincoln street entrance, because it’s closer to my house. I still see it as the back entrance; the front entrance being off Belmont with a parking lot (see map here). It’s … Continue reading

Pleasant Rainy Visit to the Rhododendron Garden

It’s looking more and more like spring at the Rhododendron Garden. Portland has been catching up with our precipitation amounts. Today was quite rainy. The flowers are quite cheerful, and seem so happy with rain on them. And the ducks seemed quite happy, as well. The gadwalls were making a ducky noise that sounded like … Continue reading

Christmas Day 2013

I got a zoom lens for my camera this Christmas. I am now able to take better pictures of Mount Hood and downtown Portland buildings. And ducks (but that comes in the next post!). I took a ride up Terwilliger on Christmas Day. It was a sunny day, and a great opportunity to try out … Continue reading

Wells Fargo Center

Taken 17 Nov. 2013

The Portland Plaza

Taken 17 Nov. 2013

Portland Japanese Garden

I had never been to the Japanese Garden in Portland. I’ve been here just about three years. A professor of mine had made the garden seem like the best place to go in Portland. But, it always intimidated me–the thought of going–because of the entrance fee ($9.50 for adults), and because of their seemingly strict … Continue reading

Golden Hour at the Rhododendron Garden

Today (15 Oct 2013) and yesterday have been beautiful fall days, with gorgeous sunsets. After a long day, it was time to check out the ducks and the golden sunlight at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. The entrance is always worth appreciating. Here’s this wood duck! I can’t believe a took a photo like this! … Continue reading

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

After torrential downpour, the sun came out. Time to hit the Rhododendron Garden. It’s free from Labor Day until March 1st. And it’s so close to home. Some interesting migratory waterfowl showed themselves. I have yet to see any buffleheads and ring-necked ducks! I love the entrance, the open-air passageway between two buildings. The garden’s … Continue reading

A Sudden Fall

After record rainfall for September in Portland, the sun and blue sky came out. Off to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden! See next post…here!