DSC_1391On Friday, February 21st 2014, I stopped work early and bike rode to Mt. Tabor to walk around and take pictures. I take the Lincoln street entrance, because it’s closer to my house. I still see it as the back entrance; the front entrance being off Belmont with a parking lot (see map here).

DSC_1392It’s spring here in Portland. These yellow flowers captured me, I was their prisoner.

DSC_1393The great thing about Mount Tabor is that it is like a maze. I’ve been here dozens of times, and I still get the feeling of being lost. All paths circle around the top of the butte, with seemingly no rhyme or reason. The beauty is that each path has charm. Entering the park on a weekday is like escaping the city into a wilderness. Tall trees, birds, flowers.

DSC_1398The lowest reservoir has a small view of the city. Each reservoir has a castle-like structure which calls to be photographed.

DSC_1400I’m beginning to think I should become a professional squirrel photographer. I don’t know how much money there is in that…but I seem to be an amateur squirrel whisperer.

DSC_1402The Mount Tabor reservoirs are due to be drained, and replaced by underground reservoirs at Powell and Kelly Buttes. There’s been quite the hubbub about it all.

DSC_1403Mount Tabor’s man-made additions are charming. I love the black ironwork, the castle reservoir buildings, and the lampposts (more so the other ones, but this one has a nice late-twentieth century charm, as well).

DSC_1405I feel a little hesitant to mention that this is my favorite tennis court in the city. Not that I get many readers, but I wouldn’t want my favorite spot to get crowded!

DSC_1410Can you spot the lamppost? I felt the enormity of the trees was really evident here.

DSC_1411I’m going to pat myself on the back for a minute, so bear with me. This is such a great picture of a little cheepy bird!!! I believe this is a wren, but I am so happy it turned out as well as this. I’m just starting to use my zoom lens and to take pictures of birds, and this is one picture I’m really proud of.

DSC_1412In this lovely canyon, which approximately lines up with Salmon Street, many birds flew, chirped, and bathed (as in this phot0).

DSC_1413There is a bird in this picture. It’s not a good picture at all of a bird, but I wanted to include it to show how Mount Tabor is maintained. Specifically, downed trees are kept as good habitat for native wildlife.

DSC_1414A dapper (and blurry) robin!

DSC_1415I can’t believe I got a picture of a Varied Thrush! It’s not very good at all, but at the time I didn’t even know it was a Varied Thrush.

DSC_1418These are the lampposts I love.

DSC_1419One of the few car roads that twists through the park. I cross country skied on this road during the 2014 snowstorm!

DSC_1420These stairs lead up to one of my favorite places in the park to just sit.


“Pardon the sap!”

DSC_1422The texture on this tree was too visually delectable to pass up.

DSC_1423What a puny lamppost! See all the branches? There’s been many extremely windy days in Portland this year.

DSC_1424A peek at a reservoir.

DSC_1427I love the building.


DSC_1432Big Pink is very prominent in this picture. A great view of downtown. This is about halfway up the butte. A more unobstructed view than from the top.


DSC_1436Portrait of a Young Squirrel, a story entailing the secrets and travails of a particularly introspective and troubled Portland park squirrel.

DSC_1437On the way back down, I had to revisit the yellow flowering tree. I like the blurred street in the background.

DSC_1445Some beautiful pink flowers acted as guardians to the Lincoln Street entrance/exit.

DSC_1443Spring is here. I hope the flowers pictured here act as a cheering agent to you, as they were for me this February Friday afternoon at Portland’s beloved Mount Tabor park.

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