July: Burnt Lake Trail to Burnt Lake

I’ve posted about Burnt Lake Trail before. Only, I had forgotten. I’ve been really focused on my job these days, and, as a result, have not gone on many hikes yet this year. I was aiming to choose a hike I’d never done before, and one near Mt Hood, because this is the best time … Continue reading

Waclella Falls

I went to Wahclella Falls a couple of weeks ago. It was the first hike I did in the Gorge, when I first visited here. It’s a short hike, but beautiful. The falls are big, loud, and misty. It was so cold, there were snowflakes on the ground.

Wells Fargo Center

Taken 17 Nov. 2013

The Portland Plaza

Taken 17 Nov. 2013

Mirror Lake

On 3 October, I took a hike at Mirror Lake near Mount Hood. It was a bit chilly, intensely foggy, but fairly uncrowded. The trail in great shape, up until Tom Dick and Harry Mountain trail, where it got smaller and quite rocky. Mirror Lake was tiny! I was expecting bigger, but it was very … Continue reading

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

After torrential downpour, the sun came out. Time to hit the Rhododendron Garden. It’s free from Labor Day until March 1st. And it’s so close to home. Some interesting migratory waterfowl showed themselves. I have yet to see any buffleheads and ring-necked ducks! I love the entrance, the open-air passageway between two buildings. The garden’s … Continue reading

Driving Through Idaho and Oregon

The drive home from Glacier National Park was a different, “scenic” route. Much longer. Through Missoula, then into Idaho and through some great scenery into Oregon. After seeing the mountains and canyons in Idaho, Hells Canyon is probably the next big trip I take. Breathtaking. And seeing it all at sunset was divine. I didn’t … Continue reading

The Boring Little Switzerland Bike Ride

Hello! On 18 August 2013, my friend Alex and I went on a 50 mile bike ride starting from Boring, OR going eastward, and looping back westward back to Boring. It was a great day to be riding, and this has to be one of my most favorite rides near Portland. The bridge in the … Continue reading

Mt Tabor Sunset

I live fairly close to Mt Tabor, so I visit the park frequently. Here are some photos from the summit at sunset on 10 August 2013.   All photos are facing westward. Here, below, you can see a bit of SE Portland starting to light up. This next photo was a focus on the tree … Continue reading

Tam McArthur Rim

If you’re having a rough time, just head to the Tam McArthur Rim trail. You will be so happy once you reach the top. Well, I was! The drive here from Sisters, Ore. is not bad. About 16 miles on paved road, and 2 miles on washboard bumpy dirt road. There are two campgrounds at … Continue reading