Indian Point

On 3 June 2013, Alex and I went on a hike in the gorge. We were looking to go somewhere with few crowds, but a high viewpoint, and a trail we hadn’t done before. That led us to Indian Point on the Oregon side. In Scott Cook’s 3rd edition of Curious Gorge guidebook, this is … Continue reading

Burnt Lake Trail to East Zigzag Summit

As it has been getting warmer, Alex and I decided it was time to hike at a higher elevation, hoping there would not be much snow. We chose to hike near Mount Hood, starting from the North Burnt Lake Trailhead, this past Saturday (22 June 2013). (This hike requires a Northwest Forest Pass). It was … Continue reading

Nine Mile Ridge

April 2013 trip to Pendleton, Ore. This hike gave premium views of all surrounding mountains. And, also, deer and ticks.

Adams, Ore. General Store

April 2013 trip to Pendleton, Ore. So many fantastic historic buildings to see and enjoy.

Taking a rest

8 April 2013. On a 40 mile bike ride starting in Pendleton, Ore. The grass was so green and the sky so blue (hard to tell from this picture), that Alex called this scenery Windows XP.

Approaching a descent

8 April 2013. On a 40 mile bike ride starting in Pendleton, Ore., going through Adams, and back to Pendleton.

Portland from Vista Bridge

26 March 2013. One of my favorite views of Portland’s west side.

Helicopter Hovers Over Barge

12 November 2012. Astoria, Ore.

Sea Foam Hopping

12 November 2012 at Cannon Beach, Ore.

Colorful Sunset near Union Station

26 Sept. 2012, Portland, OR