Golden Hour at the Rhododendron Garden


Today (15 Oct 2013) and yesterday have been beautiful fall days, with gorgeous sunsets. After a long day, it was time to check out the ducks and the golden sunlight at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.

DSC_0575The entrance is always worth appreciating.

DSC_0577Here’s this wood duck!

DSC_0578I can’t believe a took a photo like this!

DSC_0579There is always a duck sitting on that log. Although, sometimes it’s a heron.

DSC_0589Many ducks posed for me. This one had been dabbling in some delicious pond weeds. Oops! You’ve got some still dangling from your beak!

DSC_0591It was my first time seeing a nutria at the Rhododendron Garden!

DSC_0602There was a tiny goose, is it a Cackling Goose?

DSC_0604Dunk and eat, dunk and eat!

DSC_0607Another view of the tiny goose.

DSC_0610The sky was getting darker.

DSC_0616Look at this duck posing for me! Amazing.

DSC_0618And the fall colors were outstanding as well.

DSC_0620This was one of my favorite trees.

DSC_0621I love to see the dark branches in between the bright yellow.

DSC_0624The log at a later point.

DSC_0630I tried to capture the moon and the fountain, I found it difficult, but this is my best result.

DSC_0634Four geese in a row! Cool band pic.

DSC_0664And there was this crazy goose who really wanted me to take his picture. I did my best, but it was getting pretty darn dark on us.

DSC_0665He had some cuckoo domestic ducks as friends (right behind him).

DSC_0670The lamp above the tree branches in the parking lot was quite nice.


Other sights that were hard to photograph: a heron in a tree! Never seen that before… My FIRST sighting of a KINGFISHER!!!! What an amazing bird! I am so happy. And, what looked to be some ring-necked ducks, but it was hard to tell. They were diving, and that’s all that matters. Diving ducks are the cutest, aren’t they?



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