Mirror Lake

DSC_0500On 3 October, I took a hike at Mirror Lake near Mount Hood. It was a bit chilly, intensely foggy, but fairly uncrowded.

DSC_0491The trail in great shape, up until Tom Dick and Harry Mountain trail, where it got smaller and quite rocky.



DSC_0503Mirror Lake was tiny! I was expecting bigger, but it was very peaceful and scenic. I had hoped to see ducks, but, alas, there were none. Not a duck in sight!


DSC_0495In the few clearings, US 26 was visible through the fog. The fall colors were spectacular.


DSC_0510More examples of fall colors.

DSC_0505Check out this mushroom!

DSC_0507The highlight for me was, of course, the creek. I am a sucker for creeks. The area in the photo above was a ringer: forest creek, pine needles covering the ground, healthy and vibrant rhododendrons, and swooping branches of young western red cedars.

DSC_0514How could I talk about creeks without mentioning the lovely bridge along the trail?

DSC_0515It was a beauty.

DSC_0516I love these bridges made of whole logs.

DSC_0521Overall, a pleasant hike, but a bad day if you wanted to see views of Mount Hood. I think the creek, bridge, and fall colors made up for not seeing a 11,000 foot high mountain.


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