Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

After torrential downpour, the sun came out. Time to hit the Rhododendron Garden. It’s free from Labor Day until March 1st. And it’s so close to home. Some interesting migratory waterfowl showed themselves. I have yet to see any buffleheads and ring-necked ducks!

DSC_0444I love the entrance, the open-air passageway between two buildings.

DSC_0445The garden’s bridges are a delight. I can see why weddings and photographers are attracted to this garden.

DSC_0446I spy some ducks.



DSC_0449Some flowers still remain.

DSC_0450The greenery in this photo is almost overwhelming.

DSC_0456I spy a heron!

DSC_0458Okay, let me explain this awful photograph. I do not have a zoom lens for my camera. However, I do have a scope. I wanted a close-up picture of the heron. Well, this was the best I could do before my eye got tired of squinting.


DSC_0461Some American Wigeons, Gadwalls, and a female Northern Shoveler.

DSC_0462The sun and shadows on this tree are gorgeous.

DSC_0463What vibrant red!

DSC_0465That beautiful blue sky again.

DSC_0467These delicate pink flowers are unfamiliar to me. I like them quite a bit!


DSC_0469Hello ducks! See you next time!

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