Newton Road Trail


Yesterday, my friend Alex and I went walking at Newton Road in Forest Park again. Walking along Newton Road, starting at the entrance near Skyline Boulevard, has to be my favorite Forest Park walk that I’m familiar with. We didn’t see anyone else walking along the trail at 5:00 PM on the Sunday before Labor Day. That surprised me! It’s usually pretty empty, too.


Part of the appeal of Forest Park, and the Gorge, is the subtle beauty that abounds. At first, it might seem like all there is to look at in the park is green leaves, and moss on trees. While it’s admittedly a lot of greenery, that’s not a bad thing. The lush green plants support life that delicately graces the park, in hidden nooks and crannies. In summer, there aren’t many flowers around. The flowers above were some of the few types of flowers blooming right now. What a treat.


Focusing on this near tree, with a fresh branch sprouting, you can see the forest behind, speckled in the evening sunlight. If you look closely, you can see a spider web. There are always lots of spiders and spider webs–a little tickly and scary for me, but I know it means a healthy environment.

Another example of delicate, subtle beauty:


Here, I’ve caught a glimpse of the trail looking east.


And then looking west.


I just had to highlight a bright yellow leaf in the middle of the trail. Fall is approaching, up here in the Tualatin Mountains, and even in downtown Portland, before Burnside traverses up into the hills.


I always love the sunlight through thin deciduous leaves.


And the silhouette of coniferous branches.


I’ll end this post with some photos of the end of the trail, approaching the parking area. What a serene area. It’s about a 30-45 minute drive from Southeast Portland to this trailhead. It’s the perfect way to clear my head. Hope you enjoy the images.








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