The Boring Little Switzerland Bike Ride


Hello! On 18 August 2013, my friend Alex and I went on a 50 mile bike ride starting from Boring, OR going eastward, and looping back westward back to Boring. It was a great day to be riding, and this has to be one of my most favorite rides near Portland. The bridge in the above picture allows Lusted Road to cross the Sandy River, near Dodge Park. I love these types of truss bridges. Here are some photos to give it some glory.


Looking roughly southward.



Looking southwest along the Sandy.



Another shot of its awesome structure.



Check out the detail here! It reminds me of a water wheel.



After taking in the bridge, it was away from people and civilization (there were lots of people tubing the river that I did not photograph!).


We got the idea for this particular route from a site called Rubber to the Road. Here’s the link to the original ride: We made it shorter because we’ve never ridden more than 50 miles before. So, we started from Boring, Ore. at the end of the Springwater Corridor. Unfortunately, the Springwater was under construction, and we had to take local roads instead. We chose a real pooper of a route: there was barely a shoulder and the speed limit was fairly high. But, it didn’t last long and soon we were onto better roads.

I’d have to say that one of my favorite parts of the ride was descending Dodge Park Blvd. It was shady, low traffic, and not too steep.

So, after the bridge and Dodge Park with the swimmers and tubing folks, the route ascended Lusted Road. It didn’t really get good again until Marmot Road. But, let me tell you, Marmot Road is a horror. The west end of it is either under construction or freshly completed, and it was so difficult to ascend the steep hills with two bottles of water and a 3 lb camera plus snacks and layers along the sticky road surface in the heat. I thought I was going to fall over! And the latter parts which are either older fresh pavement or yet to be worked on, were bumpy as hell. Let me tell you, there were some great great views from the top of Mt Hood and meadows/farms. And the descent into a valley was my other favorite part of the ride. At that point, I was getting exhausted, and just wanted to keep moving, so I didn’t stop to take any pictures!! Sorry!! Let me just say this: that last portion of Marmot Road is so spectacular, I had no idea such beautiful scenery was within biking distance (for a novice like me) from Portland. All the bumpy roads and steep hills were WORTH IT. No doubt.

When Marmot ended, the ride along Sleepy Hollow was a delight: it was smooth and shady and less steep. However, it preceded the worst part of the ride–along HWY 26! Oh dear, it was loud and painfully flat. Once onto McCabe and Wildcat Mountain Road, it was fun again, and scenic. The last parts of the ride, along HWY 224 and Amisigger Road, were a blur. I was tired out, and it was trafficky. It was such a relief to be back in Boring finally. Despite being so worn out, the next day was not full of pain and stiffness! Yahoo!


Boring by night.


The moon was spectacular.


And so was Mt Hood.



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